My fish

Koi fish

Koi fish

Koi and gold fish

Koi and gold fish

This entry was posted by Chris Wauchop.

5 thoughts on “My fish

  1. Ben,
    It would be a very high viz submarine. A dazzle pattern perhaps? They are very beautiful pets that I have had for over 10 years.



  2. Chris Beaumont (from HyperScale)

    These are Koi fish aren’t they ?
    I have “Koi Fish 3D” screensaver on my computer for a couple of years now.
    Do you know about this screensaver already ?
    I have a few model tanks in my house + 1 tank with a crew of 2 Goldfish. :o)

    I like your models since first seeing them on HyperScale.
    I have a 23″ 1920×1080 monitor – Samsung S23A950.
    The Koi Fish looks great on it.
    I would like to see your models at these dimension / resolution sizes !
    Bigger, sharper and clearer. :o)


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