Hasegawa 1/32 Me Bf 109 G-10/R3. Photos by Brett Green

Hasegawa 1/32 ME Bf 109 G-10/R3

Hasegawa 1/32 Me Bf 109 G-10/R3 of 10./ JG51 based in East Prussia and flown by 26 victory ace Fw. Horst Petzschler.

Hasegawa 1/32 ME Bf 109 G-10/R3

Petzschler flew this aircraft to Sweden on May 4, 1945 to escape the advancing Soviet forces.

Hasegawa 1/32 ME Bf 109 G-10/R3

The model has a replacement spinner and chin radiator fairing both from Eagle Parts.

Hasegawa 1/32 ME Bf 109 G-10/R3

All tyres were flat spotted.

Hasegawa 1/32 ME Bf 109 G-10/R3

Some extra scratch-built  detail was added to the cockpit. This included seat belts, handles and wiring.

Hasegawa 1/32 ME Bf 109 G-10/R3

The chipping on the wing root was done with a silver artist’s pencil.

This entry was posted by Chris Wauchop.

14 thoughts on “Hasegawa 1/32 Me Bf 109 G-10/R3. Photos by Brett Green

  1. Hi Chris, I just love this one another one of my favourites ! ( the 109f and the 190 were also good ) but the mottling on this is really superb !

    Hey Chris, any chance you could post an under surface shot ?

  2. Hi Peter, I did have fun with this one as it has been a scheme that I had wanted to do for along time.

    As for any shots of the under surfaces, I don’t think Brett took any, and as this was a commission build, the model is long gone. Sorry.


  3. I really like the micro-painting on your models, this style of airbrushing brings great realism, your models are the most close to reality I have seen.

  4. Thanks Carlos. What I try to do is to paint the model with the airbrush adjusted to, what I think, is a scale setting. This method does take a little longer but it usually results in a much more realistic finish. From what I’ve seen, it looks like you use a similar method when painting your beautiful models!

    Hope you have a very Happy Christmas.

    Best wishes,

  5. Thanks Chris. You’re right, I’m trying to emulate your scale setting, but I am far from your accuracy, color balance and wheathering. For me it is an honor that you liked any of my models.

    Hope you a Happy New Year and I wish you many new models.

  6. Hi Chris,

    I am a follower of your job in scale model. I have paid attention about your technique for chipping. So, I am curious about if you use a pencil or do you paint it with a silver color? I’d like to know, I like a lot your models and I am pending when you publish a new one.


    • Sorry I’ve taken so long to answer you Guillermo, but I’ve only just caught up with your question. The answer is that I use a very sharp silver pencil and build the scratches and chipping up gradually.

  7. My absolute favorite scheme on a ‘109! Stunning build, wish mine had turned out as nice as yours. Well done!

  8. Chris, the chipping on the pilot’s seat backrest – looks like using the hair spray/chipping fluid technique. Is it, or your standard prismacolor pencil got some extensive work there?

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