Tamiya 1/35 Marder III Ausf.M Photos by Brett Green


Tamiya 1/35 Marder III Ausf.M Photos by Brett Green. This was a commission build I did in ’09 .


Major components complete and waiting for paint before final assembly. Aber’s remarkable P/E set and turned aluminium barrel with brass muzzle brake were used on this model.


This close-up shows some of the photo etch detail to which I also added some extra wiring and the canvas ammunition rack covers made from tissue paper socked in white glue.


This vehicle was photographed after its surrender at Armsfoot in May ’45.




Tamiya’s turned brass 7.5 cm projectile set was added to the ammo racks.






Tamiya 1/35 Marder III Ausf.M Photos by Brett Green

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8 thoughts on “Tamiya 1/35 Marder III Ausf.M Photos by Brett Green

  1. Thanks Carlos,

    I had great fun doing it. I think it is probably the best armour model I’ve done so far.


  2. This one is absolutely fanthastic! I loved your Tamiya Jagdpanthers before but this Marder is even better! Have you also tried Tamiya’s 1/48 Marder? I’m actually building Tamiya’s 1/48 Panther Ausf. G. Absolutely fanthastic piece of kit. I wonder if Marder in 1/48 scale is equally good…


    • Hi Tomasz, thanks for your kind words. I have not built the Tamiya 1/48 Marder but I have seen the one done by Marcus Nicholls and it looks like a beautiful little kit. These days even 1/32 scale armour is getting a bit to fiddly for my old brain so I don’t think I’ll be building any 1/48th.

      All the best,

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