Revell’s new 1/32 Me Bf 109 G-6


This is a test shot of Revell’s new 1/32 Me 109 G-6. The model was built straight from the box by Brett Green and painted and weathered by me. I did add a few enhancements which included a new D/F loop, an FuG 25a ventral aerial, a new wire on the end of the Morane aerial mast, the canopy’s locking handle and retaining wire (with tension spring), the grab handles on the inside of the windscreen frame and the radio aerial wire.


Decals were sourced from Eaglecal and slightly modified to represent a JG 53 Bf 109 G-6/U2 found by advancing American troops at the Henschel Aero Engine Works in Attenbaum near Kassel. I assume that if it was based there it was probably performing factory defence duties or maybe it was just there having a new engine fitted; which I think is the more likely scenario due to the mismatched camouflage on the engine cowling. There are a couple of odd inaccuracies with this kit but these will be dealt with fully by Brett in ADH’s new ‘How To Build’ book (below), which is due out soon and will feature this and at least three other full builds.


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13 thoughts on “Revell’s new 1/32 Me Bf 109 G-6

  1. Looks bloody fantastic mate ! I can’t wait for the book, but Chris, can I be a part of the next one 🙂 All the best and bye for now, cheers, Peter


  2. Hi Chris, as usual your work is stellar. I built the same model that can be seen here:

    You can see that it’s a G6 version with late Erla Haube canopy and early short vertical stabilizer. Also the profile from EagleCals shows a battery box aft the cockpit as it is in your gorgeous Gustav. Some modellers have put in question the location of the battery box aft the cockpit. I have limited information saying that the G6 in some of its numerous versions located the battery box aft the cockpit due to the MW50 booster system in the supercharger that in the end required the relocation of the battery.

    Being perhaps, extremely confident, may I ask your opinion in this matter. Love your models


  3. Hi Mauricio, in answer to your inquiry, it is my opinion that 109s fitted with the MW50 system had to have their battery relocated to this position due to the size of the MW tank. There were many variations, but any G6 fitted with this system would have had this modification.
    As for the subject of our model, it is clear in photos that this hatch cover has been removed and it is pure speculation that this aircraft was fitted with this boost system at all, but Brett (who was responsible for the model’s major construction) thought it probably was.
    I am not familiar with the subject of your beautiful model but if it was fitted with the MW50 system it certainly would have had this configuration



  4. Thank you Chris and pass the thanks to Brett as well.

    The EC-132 decals I used is depicting in the stencil for this aicraft the distinctive triangle MW50 on the port side filler panel right aft the cockpit. So I guess per EC information that generally is quite accurate per Jerry Crandall’s collection, I asumed that this aircraft had this MW system installed hence the battery aft the cockpit.

    Regarding the subject/scheme of this aircraft, EC is describing her as the possible backup mount of Erich Hartman because there is a little number 2 inside the big yellow 1 number. Furthermore, they provide 2 views showing mottling all over the fuselage and upper surfaces of wings and hstab with over std RLM 74/75/76 scheme. Can’t assure that this scheme is representative of the real aircraft it’s just my interpretation of the EC info. Could not find any picture of the real ship.

    Thank you again for taking the time to reply.

    Mauricio .


  5. Hi Chris!

    i am a big fan of your work and your painting on this aircraft was the reason for me to start building it!
    i have a question though and i would appreciated it if you could help me on this..

    First of all there is a lot of debate about the colour scheme..
    In the famous photo of this aircraft i can agree that looks like Rlm 81/82 scheme
    On the other hand , i think that green 82 is lighter than brown 81.. but in the original photo and your painting green seems to be the darker shade ..
    i am now on the painting stage and i have stalled it because i am confused some how..
    is there any chance that the green should be another rlm darker than the brown?

    i am sending you the link; in case you have the time of course; and see all this debate about this subject, someone claims that actually was 74/75..

    Since you are an expert on this subject your answer would be a great help for me!

    Best Regards


  6. Hi Spyros, the references I used when painting this one were the very clear American colour photo and the G6 in the Australian War Memorial. To my eye the colours on the Australian plane are the same as the ones in the photo (on the wings and fuselage at least). I am fortunate in having being able to study the museum example up-close over the years and I am sure that the dark green is RLM 82 but the other colour seems to be a mix of 81 brown violet and 75 grey violet. So that’s what I did and it looks pretty right to me.
    Late in the war the Germans were using what ever paint stocks they could get their hands on and combinations and mixes of colours surely occurred. Using this reasoning and mixing stock colours I don’t think you can really be wrong, especially if you have decent colour pics as reference.

    Of course this is only my opinion and you may agree or disagree as you like.



    • Thank you for your reply Chris!

      since i was inspired from your painting i will follow your suggestions!
      Gunze rlm 82 looks too bright for tme though
      the vertical tail rudder is black? or dark brown?

      Best Regards and thanks again for your answer , it was a great help!


  7. Hi Spyros, the vertical tail looks like it was brown violet with dark green patches. I’m sure the rudder was black indicating it was an aircraft from JG53.


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