Revell 1/32 He219 A-7

Revell 1/32 He219 A-7

This model is a third generation test shot built by Brett Green and painted and detailed by me.

Revell 1/32 He219 A-7

The model represents an aircraft from I NJG 1. The blue codes indicate that this plane was probably part of the Stab flight of this squadron.

Revell 1/32 He219 A-7

Not sure what the dark panels on the tail fins leading edges indicate but they were a feature on this and most other He219s.

Revell 1/32 He219 A-7

Good shot showing the radar array. This was scratch built using fine brass tube and wire.

Revell 1/32 He219 A-7

In this shot the tail warning radar antenna is shown, but I don’t think that this aircraft was actually fitted with this device.

Revell 1/32 He219 A-7

The upper surface pattern was achieved by spraying a ‘lattice’ of RLM76 Light Blue over a solid RLM75 Grey Violet base (as it was done in reality). A full build article by Brett and me will appear in Issue 21 of ‘Military Illustrated Modeller’.

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20 thoughts on “Revell 1/32 He219 A-7

  1. It’s great to see you keep on delivering your fantastic models…I never get bored watching them! Still working with your trusty Aztek A470?

  2. I never get bored watching your fantastic models… Great you keep on delivering them! Still working with your trusty Aztek A470?

    • Thanks Tomasz, and yes I’m still using the Aztek, in fact I now have two hooked up to the compressor so I don’t have to change the paint cups so often. This saves painting time but doubles clean-up time!

    • Hi Benjamin, you’re probably right, but the reference photos of A-7s that I was working from all showed aircraft parked on grass with quite shiny, clean looking tyres, especially their nose wheels. Also most shots of A-7s show that their main undercarriage tyres were treaded, but due to the limited time I had to complete the project this detail had to be overlooked.
      Thanks for your interest, Chris.

  3. One more thing Chris…As far as I remember you also built Tamiya’s 1/48 He219…isn’t that so? Which one would you prefer or recommend (if you can recall the experience from building the Tamiya kit)?

    • Hi Tomasz, I didn’t actually build the Revell kit (Brett Green did) but I have built several Tamiya 219s and can say that it is a beautiful kit with virtually no vices. I recommend it very highly.
      Cheers, Chris.

  4. Hi Chris, Yes I know that Brett built the Revell kit – I have the last issue of MIM and I’m looking forward to see the rest of the build (i.e. your painting actually) in the next issue…I was rather thinking of your general impression after building both kits (Hasegawa and Tamiya). Since both are similarly priced, I was thinking of 1/32 scale but I can’t figure out where to put it (after being built)…it’s huge!

    • Hi Tomasz, sorry I misunderstood your question, I’m assuming you are seeking my opinion of Hasegawa and Tamiya kits in general. If so, I think both brands have their shortcomings and their advantages. While Tamiya kits are a joy to put together, they often suffer from accuracy issues. Hasegawa, on the other hand, are not as straightforward in their construction but do seem to be fairly accurate overall. After these criticisms I would still consider both brands to be the best on the market and great starting points for most of their subjects. Tamiya’s new 1/32 kits are second to none. I just wish they would do a Hawker Typhoon in this scale!
      As to the question of where to put them,I had to have two quite large, and expensive, display cabinets made to house my growing 1/32 collection.
      Hope this answers your question. If not let me know.
      Cheers, Chris.

      • Sorry for misleading you Chris…I just realized my mistake. I was actually asking about your general impression on He219 kits by Tamiya (1/48 scale) and Revell (1/32 scale). I have no idea why Hasegawa came into the way last time…Probably because it’s 6 in the morning here and I wasn’t awaken yet (cup of coffee didn’t help…). I know Tamiya He219 is a decent kit, but since Revell’s He219 price is similar (and still it’s 1/32) I’m considering my options…I will probably end up buying both…Anyways thanks for your answer and I totally agree on Tamiya 1/32 Hawker Typhoon! That would be real treat!

      • Okay, so we share the same admiration for Russian irons, I’m putting together a Mig-23 Flogger B 1/48 Trumpeter kit Italery remember makes me feel that recently was in the stone age, with the new kit love the tecnoligia they use to renew these models so famous in the history of the Russian aviocion hope that some day soon being played the MIG-25 and MIG-31 scale 1/48 hopefully!! …

        regards Chris

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