Revell 1/32 He162 ‘Volksjäger’

Revell 1/32 He162 'Volksjäger'

Revell 1/32 He162 as flown by Staffelkapitan of 1./JG 1 Lt Rudolf Schmitt who claimed a victory with this machine on 24th April 1945. Schmitt claimed the kill as a Typhoon but the only RAF loss recorded in this vicinity on this date was a Hawker Tempest. In the heat of battle probably an easy mistake to make. Due to the chaotic war conditions this claim was never confirmed.

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5 thoughts on “Revell 1/32 He162 ‘Volksjäger’

  1. Another beautiful piece of modelling! Is it the one you built around 2005?…I think I might see it on Hyperscale…Still very impressive!


  2. I just bought this kit 2 days ago to build. Now I have yours to use as a standard.:)

    Great Job Chris!! BTW What paints did you use??



    • You’re to kind Steve, I’m sure there are better examples around than this! I built the model very quickly about seven years ago and was a bit disappointed with its level of accuracy but thought I could compensate for this with a slick paint job. It didn’t really work and so the model is basically only viewable from this angle.
      The paints used were all acrylics from Gunze Sangyo and Tamiya accept the engine ring which was sprayed with Tamiya lacquer AS-12 Bare-Metal silver straight from the can and then dulled-down when weathering the rest of the model.
      Hope this is of assistance,


      • Let me disagree slightly Chris…;) I think your paint job worked great (even if the model is viewable from this one angle!). I’m not an expert of course but it looks very convincing to me. In fact it was convincing enough so I just ordered the kit yesterday! I guess you should contact Revell and charge them your share for selling their models! =D


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