More from The Vault. Photos by Brett Green


Revell 1/72 Focke Wulf FW 200 Condor w/Hs 293 Glide bombs


The Eduard exterior P/E detail set 72 463 was used on this model. This made a big difference, especially the radar antenna!


Hasegawa 1/72 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X of 455 Squadron R.A.A.F. while based in Scotland.


These aircraft were mainly employed in the anti-shipping role.


Tamiya 1/48 Dornier Do 335


A beautiful kit with very little extra detail added.

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7 thoughts on “More from The Vault. Photos by Brett Green

  1. Great modelling Chris, as usual! Especially the Condor is very impressive. Did it take much longer (compared to standard subjects, let’s say Bf 109) to finish?


    • Hi Tomasz,
      Thanks for your kind words, and no it took not much longer to build than other regular kits even though it is pretty big! Revell kits have always been very straightforward to build, with a nice level of detail straight out of the box. The Eduard set certainly added to the build time but was worth that little bit of extra effort.



    • Hi Bill! Yeah, it was a revolutionary design and was one of the, if not the, fastest piston engined aircraft of WW2. Luckily for us it never reached operational service though. Also it was one of the first aircraft to be fitted with an ejection seat.


  2. I have been studying your techniques very carefully and I came to the realisation that I will never be as good as you sir! Your skills are equal to Shep Paine. Bravo.


  3. Chris can you tell us more about the Beaufighter? How did you achieve the subtle variation around the canopy and nacelle? Thank you again.


  4. Hi Nick, really sorry that I have taken so long to reply to your question but for some reason it has taken me this long to see your comment. To answer your question, the colour variation was achieved by carefully over spraying the base colour with my very thin, black/brown mix.
    Simple really.




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