Masudaya’s 1/5 Scale Automaton ‘Maria’ from Metropolis


Maria—restored 2015

I purchased this vinyl model back in the 1980s and when I had my shop in the ’90s she stood proudly on display in the front window. At that time I had only given her a quick coat of gold lacquer but not bothered to fill any joins or correct any faults. So after 30 years I thought it was about time to give the old girl a makeover.


With the original gold paint stripped back, major joins were filled with Milliput and Mr Surfacer liquid putty. The kit’s four solid, moulded-on straps that connected her legs to her body were removed and later replaced with more accurate items made from P/E brass strip.


Her head was given a coat of Mr Base White 1000 primer to reveal any flaws that needed fixing. There were a few pin holes, but these were easily filled.


The body was given a good coat of Tamiya Surface Primer Gray. The join around her waist still needed a bit more attention but I could not eliminate it completely and it is still just visible on the completed model.


With her new connecting leg straps fitted, the model was given several coats of Alclad II Lacquer Pale Burnt Metal and now stands proudly in my dark grey display cabinet.

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