Hasegawa 1/32 Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-9


These aircraft flew top cover for the unit’s departing and returning Me 262s and even though there is no official title for this small group of colourful Doras the word Papagei, meaning parrot, was used by the unit as one of its radio call signs. It is commonly thought that the red and white striped under surfaces of these D-9s and D-11s was adopted for quick recognition by the airfield’s flak gunners.


The latest illustrations of this aircraft by Tom Tullis show the wing and horizontal tail upper surfaces as being RLM 75 Grey-Violet/ RLM 74 Grey-Green. As I finished this model twelve years ago following Tom’s original interpretation that all the upper surfaces were painted late war RLM 82 Bright Green and RLM 83 Dark Green, that’s the way it’s going to stay!


Verkaaft’s mei Gwand ‘I foahr in himmel! Sell my clothes I’m going to heaven! It was said that this saying reflected Sachsenberg’s never-say-die attitude and his aggressive fighting spirit. He was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross and survived the war with a total of 104 victories.







Sell my clothes I’m going to heaven!


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20 thoughts on “Hasegawa 1/32 Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-9

  1. That looks really nice. It’s really a skill to make brightly colored a/c in scale not look toy like. Chris pulled it off beautifully as always!


    • You’re welcome Bob, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the best. Really glad you think so though my friend.

      All the best from Oz,


  2. Hi Chris, its definitely one of my favourite out of all the Doras you’ve made. I love how all the fuel and exhaust stains on the fuselage are exactly like the original photographs, same with the mottles. Thats one of the aspects I love most about your artistry !

    It’s funny, but when the Jerry Crandall book came out I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed to learn that “Red ” and “Red 3” were depicted having 74/75 wing camo. RLM 82/83 are my two favourite late war colours especially on JV 44 D-9s. If I were to do one of theses schemes I would have a hard time trying to get my self to paint 74/75 on the wings simply cause I love the look of 82/83 so much. Sounds a little sacrilegious as far as luftwaffe modellers are concerned doesn’t it ! When I look at the original black and white pics of “Red 1” I don’t see to much tonal difference between the RLM 82 light green on the fuselage and RLM 75 on the wing upper surface. But anyway thats a whole new kettle of fish as they say….

    So with that being said I really love the colours on your D-9 !

    I’m working on the Hasegawa D-9 myself at the moment and I’ve got a couple of pics up over on Large Scale modeller. Not much to look at so far so i’ll have to make a new post soon, I’ll let you know when I do , heres the link to


    Anyway, all the best for the new year Chris and I look forward to more of your work in 2016 , all the best, cheers,


    • Pete, I think you’re absolutely right about the colours. I worked for fifteen years in a photographic studio, of which a large part of time was spent in a black and white dark room, and I know that there is no way you can tell what the colours are in a monochrome photograph! They are black, white and shades of grey. You can of course make an educated guess as to what the colours might be but you can never be certain. Of course in the case of this aircraft there is at least one colour photo but, unfortunately, it does not clearly show what the colours of the upper flying surfaces are. Like you I really like the late war green colours so my educated guess is that that is what they were.
      The pics of your D-9 look fantastic. Can’t wait to see what you do to the exterior!

      All the best to you as well.



  3. Looks great Chris, as always.. nice to be surfing through my ‘favourites’ get to your site and come across something new. “sell my clothes, I’m going to heaven”; captures well what must have been a chaotic time in the war for Germany. Thanks for sharing. Phil


  4. Hi Chris! Beautiful, very beautiful.

    This is one of your latest models I like more. I´ve been studying the profile deeply, even comparing it to real photos and I´ve noticed that the scheme is very accurate, although the upper wing camouflage varies a bit from the original; I think you have followed the Tamiya version for this kit.

    The color election looks right and let me know how you´ve done the chipping behind the canopy and the union between wings and fuselage.

    Best regards,



  5. I am always amazed by the models made by Mr. Wauchop. These are far better than all the other models I’ve seen on Internet and which feature too much patina. A very sensitive work made by a real artist IMO.


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