Hasegawa 1/32 FW 190 D-9

Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 of JG 2, flown by Fw. Werner Hohenburg of 4/JG 2.

Hohenburg was shot down in this D-9 by antiaircraft artillery after attacking St Trond airfield during Operation Bodenplatte on January 1st 1945.

Hohenburg, who carried out two hundred combat sorties and achieved thirty three victories, survived being shot down and spent the remainder of the war as a POW.

I built this model back in 2003 and, as it has always been a favourite of mine, thought it was time for a bit of a tidy-up and to take some new pics.

The prop blades were dirtied up with a patchy dusting of very thin Tamiya XF- 57 Buff and then spots and streaks of RLM70 Black Green.

In the original build the fuselage crosses and the tail swastika (as per reference photos) were given a very light overspray of RLM76. I now thought this looked a bit too light so they were darkened up by giving them a careful spray of my black/brown mix, being very careful to just soften the edges a little.

The pics were given a bit of extra grain using Photoshop.


This entry was posted by Chris Wauchop.

5 thoughts on “Hasegawa 1/32 FW 190 D-9

    • Because I had always been intrigued by the photo of this particular aircraft and the peculiarly soft quality of its national markings. I think I managed to recreate the look of them pretty acccurately.


  1. Hi Chris,Thanks for posting this model again, this is also a favourite for me too as are your other 190d-9 builds. The subtle prop ware looks great and the new pics are really sharp. Any chance you might do another D-9 at some stage?


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